Sights in Corfu – sightseens worth to see

Most famous sights in Corfu


The sights and attractions are numerous in Corfu, the island’s turbulent history of the conquerors with different cultures, have left indelible marks, and especially beautiful buildings and sites that require multiple days to visit, just a few of the sights and monuments are the following :



Mouse island and Kanoni

Kanoni in the peninsula of Kanoni, from here you have the best view to the Mouse island which is the famous landmark of the island, next to the Mouse island is Vlacheraina with the church of Madonna and at the west is the runway of the international airport Ioannis Kapodistrias.
the distance from our hotel is only 2 miles.



Kaiser bridge

At the sea ​​beneath the Achilleion palace, it was the place for swimm for the German Kaiser Wilhelm.
Just 300 yards from El Greco hotel



Square Spianada

Huge plaza that was created in the Middle Ages by the Venetians when they destroyed hundreds of houses to use their materials in the construction of the new fortress, the largest square in the Balkans, located west of the old fort, in this square many events taking place, here is the ceremony of Easter of the famous Corfu Easter, also some cricket matches are happened here, a purely English sport that remained from the period of British rule.




The buildings with the famous “arches”, the most “walked” part of the city, lays west of the square Esplanade, built by the French of Napoleon, is now among the most “in” places in town.



Mon Repos

The palace used by former royal family as the summer residence and is opposite the Paleopolis, namely the ancient Corfu, now belongs to the Municipality of Corfu and it is transformed to a museum.


Several very old churches, most of Italian style as the church that houses the sacred relics of the patron saint of Corfu Saint Spyridon, is located on Iroon Polytechniou square at the Street of Kalochairetos.



The Palace of St. Michael and St. George

On the north side of Esplanade, a huge neo-classical Georgian style building built by the British during their rule in the island, here was the summit of the European Union in 1994, is the largest building of its kind in Greece after the palace of Otto, ie the current parliament.



Old and New fortress

The only two forts in the city, namely the old fort, east of the square Spianada and the new fort built during the Venetian occupation on the hill of San Marcos, west of town.

Archaeological site of Paleopolis

It is the ancient city of Corfu, between Kanoni and Garitsa with the ancient temple of Artemis and other findings.

The numerous museums in Corfu

Museums such as the Archaeological, the Byzantine museum and the museum of Antivouniotissa at Mouragia area, the unique museum of banknotes housed in the building of the Ionian Bank in Heroes Square, museumof Solomos at the street of Arseniou and the new museum of Ioannis Kapodistrias at the Potamos village just outside the city, the museum of Asian art and the Municipal Gallery in the palace of Michael and George and the Reading Company in Mouragia.
But in the countryside also there are the Sea Museum in Benitses and the museum of olive tree in the village of Kynopiastes.



Beautiful buildings

There are beautiful buildings, some dating from medieval times, as is the current City Hall in Eugene Voulgareos Street, built in 1663 as the arcade of the nobility and later became the theater of San Giacomo,
The neoclassical building which housed the Ionian parliament and is located on Napoleon Zabeli street, The Ionian Academy on Academias Street, a building constructed by the Venetians.



The famous Achillion Palace

Built by Queen Elizabeth of Austro-Hungary, known as Sissy, next to the mountain village of Gastouri, literally on top of the hill.
It is a beautiful neoclassical building that Elizabeth was built in honor of the legendary hero Achilles, and is decorated with statues of ancient figures of Greek history and mythology in particular, today is a museum you should visit anyway.